Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 365...

I've decided that this will be much easier for me...(ahem)...if I post my photos weekly. :) This is a sample of our last few days.

Jan 7 - The kids love these home made danishes. They are very fond of the chicken and cheese ones but I often make ham and cheese which are quite popular too.

Jan 8 - Tahlia and I had a "Mummy/Daughter" date. Something we haven't done in such a long time. We went to see the Princess and the Frog. It was really good but I felt the voodoo scenes were underplayed during the advertising of the movie. Younger kids could get scared quite easily. Disney was a little heavy handed with the "dark" side in this movie.

Jan 9 - Sad, but true. We finally had a moment spare to take the Christmas tree down today. We look at it's longevity in being displayed, as part of our family enjoying the season just a little extra, this time around! LOL!

Jan 10 - Our clever little man started clapping!! I'm so excited about this... hee hee!

Jan 11 - Cameron had some quality time playing with a new Christmas gift. He loves to grab those big, green elephant ears!

Jan 12 - A funny little scene I found that Ethan had created. A long line of cars! I thought it might have been a traffic jam, but no! Apparently, they are all lined up to go to the movies at the drive-in!

Jan 13 - Today we went to Bribie Island. It was a nice little treat to go over there and have a picnic morning tea. The kids had a play at the park and then we couldn't resist the water! It was such a beautiful morning!!

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Sheree said...

Great bunch of pics Leanne! I had heard the Princess and the Frog was a bit scary so we decided not to take Madi. Such a shame because she's been really looking forward to it! We thought it might be better to wait for the dvd instead. Not so amplified then.

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Gorgeous photos! I agree about the movie too, my kids weren't too scared, but I didn't enjoy those bits myself, I think they could have told the story quite well with those bits being briefer