Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 365...

A week already? Here's my update... (so far, so good!)

Jan 14 - We had a baking day, where we made these marshmallow cookies, found in the new recipe book Tahlia got for Christmas.

Jan 15
- I received some "happy" mail!

Jan 16 - We bought an apple slinky maker! Now we need to limit the number of apples the kids eat per day!

Jan 17 - The kids actually asked for a fruit platter for morning tea! I can't complain about that... hee hee!

Jan 18 - Poor baby had his six month needles...

Jan 19 - My reliable little helper around the house!! I ask the boys to help out too, but there's no guarantee the work will get done within a reasonable time frame!

Jan 20 - Cam loves to watch our dog through the window...and our dog loves to watch him!

Thanks for visiting...Please leave a comment especially if you are doing this too! I'd love to see how you are putting this little project together! I've started a flickR gallery. You can find it in the side bar--->

1 comment:

Sheree said...

You're doing a great job keeping up with these pics Leanne! Love the one of Cam watching the cute!

Sheree xx