Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cupcake party...

Wow! What a morning! Today was the day we organised for Tahlia to celebrate her 10th birthday with school friends... Loud, enthusiastic and wonderful friends!!

Ten is a big deal! Excitement for her....very scary for me (to think that a decade has passed so quickly!) So we came up with the idea to invite five of her nearest and dearest friends to help her creating and decorating their own cupcakes! Yikes!!! Sugar overload! LOL!

I was up later than usual last night...adding some finishing touches so she could wake up to a surprise this morning. The thing is, as my my boys are *extremely* early wakers.... I had to be up too, just so they wouldn't spoil her fun! (They like to do that in their excitement. But of course what little brother wouldn't do this! hee hee)...

Pom poms, streamers and even a handmade fabric banner were added to the walls and ceiling (fan)! Late night and early morning was worth it just to see Tahlia's expression! tee hee... Pure delight.

When the guests arrived, they had a blast decorating their carefully selected "blank" cupcake. As you can see, they did a beautiful job in creating their edible art! LOL!!

Again, I might re-mention the sugar content was pretty high!! And some of those "blank" cupcakes end up with a lot of product crammed onto their tops!

She received some wonderful gifts and I hope the girls all had a great time. In fact, there was talk of future birthday parties with themes such as cookie decorating and chocolate feasting, from the guests! Maybe a trend has started! (And I hope their mothers will forgive me!)


FIL said...

You did well sweetheart! Great idea and it looks like they enjoyed themselves - and the edible art looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls had a great day. All the best for your birthday on the 3rd May Tahlia
Love Nanny

Leanne J said...

sorry havent visited this week yet.. love all your pics.. we didnt get any of your rain but it was cold..winter is on the way {i'm not a fan of winter.} but oh well.. and love the decos.. wow.. and off to check out the boxx for the art challenge...sounds fun..
happy days.. love leanne

Sheree said...

Sounds like lot of fun Leanne! Love the pom poms.. and the girls did an awesome job with the cupcakes! Yum! Great party idea!

Sheree xx