Friday, April 9, 2010

School holidays, Easter break and a whole lot of other stuff...

Phew!!! It's going to be one of those "bitsa" blog entries...You know...Bitsa this, bitsa that! :)

I guess I should start off with the Easter long weekend and our camping trip. It was so nice to get away for a while. Even though the roads were busy and the camp ground packed to the rafters, we all really had a great time. (Excluding the part where my niece was taken to hospital due to an asthma attack.. ) We went with our usual camping family plus Mum, Dad and my two nieces, Simone and Hayley.

This cheeky boy was accommodating and stayed relatively immobile in his portable cot, but I can now confirm, since being home, he has been all go, go, go with his crawling!!! (note to self: 9 months to the day he was born).

We found a beautiful place to camp near Imbil, along the river, under this massive tree.

And we did quite a bit of relaxing...well, as much as you could with 11 children in tow...! LOL!

Ten of them being very active and 1 trying to be!! We went kayaking, swimming and on bush walks. Saw an eel, some cows and plenty of butterflies! We even went to the local markets.

And then there was Easter morning....Yes, chocolate for breakfast!! Try and stop them! LOL!

Cam's first Easter....

And the egg hunt...which resulted in this bucket load... hee hee!! (It was divided out 10 ways!)

So that was our Easter break. Since then, we have been enjoying the company of Nanny, Grandad Jim and the girls. School holidays have been more running around and playing with the cousins than anything really constructive, but the kids love that!

And there is one final piece of news. I have made it into the top 15 shortlist for the Kim Archer @home support team. The second round finishes next Friday, so I have some work cut out for me to create three amazing projects. And they better be amazing because there is some serious talent in that shortlist... oh, and little ole me! :)


Sheree said...

What a beautiful place to camp and spend Easter!! Lovely pics Leanne. So exciting about the top 15 list too!!!! Yay!!!

Sheree xx

Leanne J said...

looks like a fantastic easter.. and a big woot woot to you on the short list.. keep it goin... i have faith in you....

Leanne said...

Congrats to you too Leanne. Isn't it exciting that we have made the top 15. How are you going with your creations? I cannot wait to see what everyone has created.
Leanne xxx

Alyssa said...

What a beautiful camping spot :) Of course choc for breakfast LOL.. Nice to find your lovely blog and I just adore the sewn book you made <3 Take Care

p.s congrats on making the top 15!!