Monday, July 19, 2010

Update & Create...

Wow! It's been a while. But it has been super crazy in between! LOL!! I'll start with the update of Tahlia and her arm... :(

She has a rare fracture. The Fracture Clinic doctor said it wasn't often, that they see this type of injury, which must be saying something since that's the whole premise for the clinic. Looking at broken bones!

She has managed to crush a blood vessel in her wrist (along with causing a fracture on one of the bones) and this has led to part of the bone dying. She needs to be aware that this injury is likely to lead to an arthritic condition, not always, but sometimes. Hopefully with the wrist being set, the blood vessel will heal with little problem.

We had a three hour wait at the clinic. So crazy since we only saw the doctor for a fraction of a second! ha! I think the best part of the whole ordeal, (apart from walking out the door), was Tahlia choosing the colour of the cast she was going to wear. She wasn't making this decision lightly! LOL! She had to consider what colours would co-ordinate with most of her wardrobe! Her school uniform is navy blue and green. Her everyday clothes have a lot of browns, creams, reds and blacks.... And this is what colour she chose....

That's right! A very pretty pink! LOL! I had to get this shot before all the signatures from friends, parents and teachers made it on there! You should see it now! LOL!!

Anyway, onto some scrapping news. This week I have set the challenge at The Boxx. After a successful Cyber Crop I am not sure how many takers I will have! hee hee... I think there will be a few who are a little bit scrapped out at the moment!

You can find the details here:

{Sand Slide}

Also this week, Challenge #52 is up at Inspired Blueprints.

This is what I created:

{Bug Boy}

Ethan is a huge fan of collecting all sorts of creepy crawlies at the moment! He really does enjoy being outside. As long as he doesn't pick up anything too dangerous, I'm okay with him playing!!

And lastly, I've created this fun project for Kaisercraft.

She's such a sweet little chipboard doll that can be used in any matter of ways! I have glued her to a door hanger. She now resides on Tahlia's door to her room. I created and added the lantern to suggest the idea of a night light and follow through with the Chinese dress up theme.

I love the beautiful range of papers in the new LUSH collection.

Well, that must be it for now. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave a comment...x


Anonymous said...

nice colour choice Tahlia! i didn't even realise you could choose your own colour nowadays!

Leanne J said...

love love the lantern for your kaiser project.. roks.. and what colour seriously did you think she would get but i hope she makes a full recovery...
also awesomeness with the boxx cc... sorry i didnt get to be there and didnt get to do your challenge but managed 2 do 2 of the challenges..woot woot.. and love the inspired page..
happy happy days..yay..

Kerryn said...

She's a girl, of course she would choose pink LOL. Hope the recovery is ok for her though.

Gorgeous work here! I'm a bit of a fan of what you did with the dress up doll too ;).

Jules said...

Terrible news about Tahlia's wrist leanne... hope it all heals well with no long term side effects. love the little kaiser project too. The lantern is a great touch. Will try to get to your boxx challenge this week too... depends on how guilty i feel for neglecting my household on the w/end!... lol

Sheree said...

Perfect girly colour choice Tahlia! I'm sure it's almost completely covered up by now with signatures and things. LOL I hope her wrist heals well and there are no problems for her down the track.

Gorgeous pages and a very cute door hanger Leanne!

Sheree xx

LG said...

So sorry about tahlia's arm but that cast is so cool! BRIGHT PINK!

Love all the projects you've shared, they are very well made and the design is simply amazing

Unknown said...

Hi Leanne! Ouch, that break sounds painful. Love that they get a choice in coloured casts these days :)

I love the designs for your layouts - just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the pink coloured plaster Tahlia. Will pray that you have a speedy recovery. Thanks so much for the cupcake birthday gifts. Love everything. Will be cooking tomorrow.
Love Nanny