Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm getting ready...

...slowly, but I am working my way to documenting this December! That's right. Who isn't doing Ali Edward's December Daily??? LOL!! It is such a simple idea and look at how much it has grown in the short amount of time she has shared. Amazing....

So his week-end I have started to put my album together. Yes. It is traditionally late for the die-hard Ali fans!! LOL! But have you read my previous posts??? LOL!!

I am at least ready for the first week in December. Here are the first seven pages....

{Page 1}

As this is my first year doing this project (ummm, yes I tried 2 years ago but failed miserably!!) I want to outline the purpose of this album on the first page. Put in the important details and the tiny ones. My aim is to journal. Photos will be important too, but I really want to be able to look back in time, to the year 2010 and get a good feel for what it was really like.... so you will see a lot of open spaces for journalling in my December Daily.

{Page 2}

{Page 3}

{Page 4}

December 4 is going to be a big day (see previous post about dancing!) I already know I will have a huge number of photos for this day. So, I am planning on using a basketball/baseball collector's card pocket holder to house my photos and some journalling. It will slip between the two solid pages. I have also include an envelope on the first page to hold concert tickets and other little bits of ephemera. :)

{Page 5}

hee! Clearly this will be the first day I will have any opportunity to set up the Christmas Tree with the kids. Hopefully I'll be able to drag Mark into the chaos of things too!!

{Page 6}
I'm not entirely happy with this page yet, but I am thinking I will use a full 6x4" photo under the circle date on the left. Of course, I have no idea what we will be doing on this day either!!

{Page 7}

I've set my album up to be 5x7" in size. And my photos will mostly be 3x4" or smaller, with the occasional 4x6" photo.

So, that's it for now. Wonky photos and all! :D Thanks for visiting, and secretly I wouldn't mind if you left me a few words of encouragement. You know,.... just to keep me going! hee hee! Thanks again...x


Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne

It looks fantastic I too had great intentions of doing this but am still to start. I have got all my paper etc but time is my killer especiallly with 3 little boys to run after. CONGRATULATIONS and can not wait to follow you progress
xx Katrina Dunn

Kim said...

BEST OF LUCK with the album, braver than I , Ilove how each page is so different, look forward to seeing what you come up with a s the month goes by

Sheree said...

So great that you're doing this this year! I'm planning on doing it again but I think I'll be scrapping most of my pages after Christmas with everything going on! LOL Can't wait to see how your pages evolve!

Sheree xx

Lisa Amiet said...

Album is looking super fab so far Leanne, don't know how you get it all done. Love the idea, but am realistic in my chances of actually doing it. Have nearly finished my advent calendar...that I bought for last christmas LOL. Have fun with it xoxo

Jules said...

looks great leanne... i think the hardest part is just getting it started! :)) it's a bit of a domino effect from there! x

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Good luck with it, and please show us the end result.

Kerryn said...

No december daily here. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

Chloe said...

Looking gorgeous!! I have not even attempted this yet!!! Looking forward to seeing the rest :-)