Thursday, February 3, 2011

The monster called Yasi...

Hi everyone. Just a very quick update to let you know about my family in North Queensland. Right now. This very second. My parents, brother and his family are sitting out the severe wind gusts that are a Category 2 cyclone on dry land. It is eerie. I can hear the wind tearing down the phone line as I talk to them and reassure myself that they are okay.
And they are okay for the moment. This storm isn't over and they are in her path.

My more immediate concern was for family who live directly in the path of the eye of Yasi. They were devastated by TCLarry. And now they are calling "him" just a boy compared to Yasi. This was a Category 5 cyclone which hit the coast at Mission Beach. My cousin lives half an hour inland from there. Seriously. Only half an hour.

I was so worried but we have made contact. Everyone is fine. Mentally and physically exhausted but they are alive after expecting to be wiped from the planet.

Her little boy, thankfully, slept through most of the night. I hope he doesn't have nightmares from this experience. His swing set and trampoline have been crushed by a donga (a small single cell house like structure) but those are the things that can be replaced. Just things. A 3000L water tank has just disappeared. They have no idea where that has gone. But again... just things.

Amazingly their phones are still up and running. No electricity but the communication network is up and running. And thank goodness for that, because I think I would be sitting here, not knowing what was going on and making myself physically sick.

My family is okay. I hope I can say the same for everyone else...x


Sheree said...

Oh thank goodness everyone is ok Leanne! What a relief! At least 'things' can be replaced. :)

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

that is so great to hear Leanne, and like you say the "things" don't really matter. I was so relieved to turn on the news this morning to hear the people survived. I was so worried last night for everyone in NQ and i don't even know anyone there. Scary stuff

Unknown said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that you family is okay. Was thinking of you earlier this terrifying for them all.
You are right...time heals and things can be replaced but not lives.
Take care xx

Kim said...

so so glad to hear that everyone is safe and they continue to be so, stay safe!

Kerryn said...

Queensland is definitely taking a hammering at the moment. I hope your family continues to stay safe.

Jasmine S said...

Oh Leanne. Amazing that everyone has escaped this piece of Mother Nature but honestly, the aftermath of cleaning up and the memories that will forever be there, simply terrifying.
Take care.

Jules said...

good to hear leanne... so grateful for cyclone rated building codes!... hope the cleanup isn't too heartbreaking for them tho. our friends in cairns and townsville are all counting their blessings tonight too. x