Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February...

Yes. I know. Bad blogger again. I have had comments from family wanting updates.... With the way this blog has been operating so far this year, you would be forgiven if you thought I had forgotten my "One Little Word" - connect. Ironic huh? Of all the words I could have chosen, this is the one area where I feel I have not connected lately. Bad blogger.

But in hindsight, I have been focusing on my little family. We have been getting into new routines and some old ones too. Yes. Being back at school has thrown me a little. I miss my kids. You know, the ones that fight non-stop with each other and bicker over the slightest inconsequential things??? Yeah. Those ones! LOL!

The house is quiet.

Cameron however, sticks to me like glue. There is a sense of confusion with him. He looks for the kids throughout the day. But he also seems to love having me as his constant companion.

Not that I mind. LOL! We get grubby and blow bubbles and put puzzles together and read books. All the things I wanted to do if I had more "one on one" time. Connect. Yes. We are loving it.

But I still miss the kids.

Our afternoons however, are quickly filling up with things to do. Lots of homework. There's a new element now too, in regard to homework. Liam has to have interactive reading over the Internet. He loves it. What boy - mad on science, technology and computing, wouldn't? His teacher has set up a program where home readers are now extinct!!! What's wrong with holding a book in your hands? It's a good thing for him though, that he enjoys reading and gets quality "real" book time just before bed. LOL! That activity, is encouraged by me.

Ethan has had a few tears since starting school. So much to the fabulous start! But it really has only been one day where the tears flowed. It must has been a group discussion the day before because there were seven or eight preppies all clinging to their mummies that morning. No. We weren't left out. :)

I have solved this dilemma though! YAY! I have to take a photo of him each day on my phone. This is so when I miss him, I can just look at his picture. (He sooo knows I am a scrapbooking Mum! hee!) And I do find myself looking at his photo from time to time during the day.

The boys have also started karate. Ethan is the smallest one there! LOL! It's so cute to see him sparring with 16 year olds (who have to get on their knees most of the time)!

The boys are really enjoying this learning process.

Tahlia starts back at ballet this week. Her days have changed from a Tuesday to a Wednesday, which works better for us. She is very excited (actually that's a bit of an understatement!) hee! This will be her fifth year at her dance school.

I haven't been connecting to paper and scissors though. A few assignments but as you can tell, getting into a decent routine is taking time. What I have done in regards to scrapbooking is sort out my space! Finally!! LOL!! I will post some photos soon-ish! :D And I have some new storage. YAY!

And finally, as for my plan to have a family photo taken every month.......... well here's January's.

It's a good start! LOL! Just getting this many people into a photo was a challenge. No wonder there aren't too many family snapshots. Oh, and for the family members reading this post...please pick up the camera a bit more this year. I feel like I am being obliterated from the family history! LOL! I would like to be in the photos too rather than the only one who takes them. :)

So .... Thanks guys for sticking with me. I promise to get back on track with my scrapbooking .....very soon. I think I need to! :)


Jasmine S said...

Love the pics and I agree, getting the 6 of us in a photo is not easy and there is always one that is pulling a silly face.
Loved reading your bits and pieces. Thanks.

Jules said...

oh there you are!! lol... yes, i'm busy trying to find the old rhythm too. i would LOVE for my lot to do martial arts!! nothing here for them tho :(( ... and i've been pondering my space and storage too this week!! must be a new year! hehe .. love your family shot too... x

Leanne J said...

oh the photos.. and how cute.... poor lil bloke......
anyho would love for you to create again but your lil family is the most important thing..

Kerryn said...

Sounds like you have been a wee bit busy! I love that photo of you and your little fella. I just love the look of adoration on his face :).

Lorraine said...

Loved the family update. Thank you so much.

I'm impressed that you can establish any kind of routine with four children. I struggle enough with two!

Take care, and lots of love to everyone. xxxx

Suz said...

Love yoUr youngest's t-shirt in the pic with you holding his hand! Adorable. I think it's a great idea to take a monthly family pic- great idea- now if I can just follow through...

Hope things are all better for you folk of Queensland after the severe flooding, Here in the States, particularly the Midwest, we are having a blizzard of monumental proportions! No school today and probably not tomorrow either. Time to hunker down with the fam and perhaps get a little scraping in too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always enjoy ur visits! :-)