Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Week...

Has it really been 12 months already?  Didn't I just finish completing a series of home made last week?  And NOT last year?.... I'm sure that was the case.  So why did I find myself putting together another round of book character outfits, in the last few days....again!!

OMGoodness!  Time is flying.  I think it will be Christmas before we know it at this rate!  Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh! :D

Anyway!  The kids had been giving some thought to their characters.  The boys changed their minds several times.  But Tahlia, she knew exactly who she wanted to be, and put most of her character's traits together, all by herself.

Introducing..... "Fern".  The little girl who rescues Wilbur the runt pig, in E.B White's "Charlotte's Web".

Don't you just love the effort she put into her spider's web! LOL!!

Liam put some thought into his character too.  Except, his thoughts translated to.... "Hmmmmm.  I think I want to go as Frankenstein.  Again.  Just like last year."

Mary Shelley would be proud, huh?!  Hee hee....  He found most of his bits and pieces from last year and played the part of "Monster" beautifully! Ha!  He even walked around on parade with a monster's gait!  Gotta love the acting skills!

The parade was pretty special this year.  Not only did heaps of kids put the effort in to dressing up, but it was Ethan's first Book Week parade.

His original thoughts had him being dressed up as a viking.  Oh!  How much fun would it be to go to school with horns on your hat and to wield an axe without getting in trouble with your teacher!  *insert dreamy look here* ...

(Okay... Maybe that's not a dreamy look.  But he was certainly practicing the part of being a mean and nasty viking!) Bwahaha!

But alas, his ideas focused to his favourite character "of all time!"   Scooby Doo.....

A little improvising here and there, but overall I think we made an awesome effort!

So.... Does anyone else participate in Book Week?  I think secretly.. I kinda love it.  The craziness.  The whimsical dreams that I can... maybe, just maybe help the kids pull their outfits together! Bwahaha!  Who am I kidding?  There's no secret about it.  I am just plain nuts. I have to love it.  After all, I spent most of today driving back and forth to school, to watch different grades parade around the school hall, at different times.  Yep.  To drag Cam and myself back there several times (on minimal sleep the previous night!), I have to tell myself I love it! ;)  Because pulling costumes together on a few days notice, well...  That's just craziness!

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Kerryn said...

LOVE their costumes Leanne!!! I think that might just be the cutest Scooby I have ever seen too ;).

I work at the kids school library so book week is BIG for me. We don't do a parade every year though but do spend lots of time decorating the library :).

Kim Ewins said...

They all looked awesome Leanne. I love book girls do too, the boys need a little nudge to get into the swing of it, but the girls usually get them pretty excited...great fun.

Christine said...

Fantastic costumes, love Charlotte's Web, she looks amazing!

Anthea said...

WOW they all look adorable!!!

Esti said...

Lots of lovely memories - you're such a comitted mother - love all the detail and how you make everyone's wish come true! xx