Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week In The Life | Thursday..

Hello Friends.  Today is going to be short & sweet.  I woke this morning with a severe headache and consequently didn't achieve much at all. Here's what happened today in words & pictures...

special scrapping news..

Mark drives the kids to school..

Cam curls up on the couch..

decorate some cupcakes..

display Tahlia's flowers in her room..
Thursday: 5.50am | Cam wakes the family. 6.20am | pounding headache probably due to lack of water. Mark takes over morning routine while I stay in bed. very rare occurrence.  open emails on my iPhone. receive wonderful scrappy news to find my LO is featured over at TwoPeasinaBucket. 7.40am | Mark leaves to drive the kids to school & then off to catch the train to work. 8.10am | Cam watches tv quietly while I wait for Panadol to take effect. 10am | blogging & editing photos. 11am | clean kitchen & general tidy up around the house. 12noon | bake cupcakes with Cam. eat lunch. 1.30pm | Cam falls asleep on the couch. I decorate the cupcakes to surprise the kids when they get home from school. 2.50pm | fold the washing. 3.10pm | boys arrive home from school. Tahlia stays back to audition for 2014 dance troupes ballet/contemporary & jazz. 3.20pm | afternoon tea. computer time for Liam. showers. 4.15pm | leave home to get Tahlia from dance audition. 4.30pm | chat to neighbour about scrapbooking. 5pm | Mark arrives home. start to prepare dinner. 5.30pm | boys play outside. Tahlia does homework. 6pm | dinner - chicken teriyaki stir fry. 6.30pm | late night shopping. find tutu and fairy wings for birthday gift on the week-end. 7.30pm | home again. kids eat dessert. brush teeth. go to bed. Mark lies on our bed with Cam until Cameron falls asleep. 8.10pm | Mark & I sit down and talk about our day.  watch some tv. 10pm | goodnight.


Lizzy Hill said...

Talk about an up/down day - HUGE CONGRATS on the Two peas feature...& I hope that headache has gone for good....hope today is a NICE friday & aren't you a fabbo mum, making cupcakes even amongst it all....hat's off, Leanne!!!

Kerryn said...

YAY for awesome scrappy news. :( for headaches. Hopefully they are long gone!

Patricia Roebuck said...

Oh I know all about headaches. Hope no more and feeling good. What a day.

I saw this at 2 Peas. Congrats and amazing. I used to design with CB and you rocked this collection. Amazing!!

Kelly said...

Congrats again on the feature....loved your page!!