Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week In The Life | Tuesday...

What I have noticed so far, with this little experiment, is that I need to allow myself more time to take photos of the everyday events.  Especially the ones I know occur on a regular basis.  *grin*  Here are todays words and pictures...

getting dressed by himself..

eating fruit salad..

baking banana muffins..


making school lunches..

not wanting to rest but falling asleep anyway..

walking home from the school bus drop off..

homework assignment for Ethan..

rain dancing..

catching rain drops..

 family time..
Tuesday: 5.50am |   wake up. we were given a slight reprieve this morning. 6am | breakfast for the boys. 6.20am | coffee. 6.30am | text from Mum with flight details. 6.40am | Tahlia up & dressed. 6.55am | Mark leaves for work. Liam feeds the dog. Ethan finally finishes breakfast. Cam gets dress. I fold laundry. 7.15am | sweep floors. 7.30am | leave home to catch the school bus. 8.05am | fruit salad for Cam. his second breakfast. general tidy up around the house. 10.20am | bake banana muffins for school lunches. 10.50am | finish scrapbooking a layout for TSS. 11.30am | lunch. 12noon | blogging. 1pm | Cam resisting having a nap but falls asleep anyway. 1.30pm | storm brewing outside. 90 km winds expected. I clean up loose items in the back yard. 2pm | work on December Daily project for TSS. 2.30pm | Cam & I collect the mail. still no rain but lots of junk mail to sort through. 3.10pm | kids arrive home from school. Tahlia announces she won Class President for Year 8, after giving a speech at school today. plenty of praise & a few high fives thrown in. 3.15pm | pack school lunches & help with school homework. Liam completes application forms for school captain 2014. 3.30pm | afternoon tea. kids watching tv. Tahlia plays connect 4 with Ethan. 4.40pm | Ethan does a rain dance on the driveway. 5.15pm | start dinner: roast lamb & veg. 5.45pm | Mark home. rain just starting to fall. Cam catches raindrops on his tongue. 6pm | Electrical storm. dog going crazy outside. all TV's & electrical equipment turned off. kids gather in front room & sit with Mark. 6.20pm | Grandma rings to congratulate Tahlia. getting candles & torches ready. hoping I don't need them & dinner finishes cooking. 6.50pm | showers. clean dishes. tidy kitchen. 7.30pm | still raining. bedtime routine starts. 8.25pm | movie time on the couch. The Lone Ranger. 10pm | goodnight.


Unknown said...

Leanne, thanks for stopping by always, at my blog and leaving such lovely comments. You have a great week ahead too. :D

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee these!!! Such great everyday photos!!!!

Lizzyc said...

What a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

It has been fun seeing your week in photos. Cam is like my little guy. He loves fruit too. Oh, the blueberries that kid eats!! Apples too!! Not too many fruits he doesn't like (kiwi and mangoes is about it). I go broke just buying enough fruit to last through the week (not really, but I spend quite a bit on it). He doesn't like too many sweets, and that is fine with me.

Kerryn said...

hehe I love the catching raindrops photo. Looks like fun :).