Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week In The Life | Wednesday...

I have to admit.  Today was a blur.  Everything on my list today has snowballed one thing into another thing and another. and yet another.  sigh.  Some days I am not sure I will get it done.  Here is a look at my day in words & pictures..x

design team work ..

more design team work..

apron delivery for Greatest View..

making school lunches..

attending awards night..

Wednesday: 5.50am | Cam wakes us up. 6.20am | I eventually get out of bed & start my day. the boys eat breakfast & get ready for school. coffee. 6.40am | Tahlia gets up and starts getting ready for school. 7.05am | Mark leaves to catch the train for work. 7.10am | shower. 7.20 am | lunches packed in school bags. teeth brushes. bus money found. 7.30am | chase the kids out the door to catch the bus. 7.43am | bus arrives early & driver is cranky. driver barely waits for the kids to get on board. 7.50am | chat to neighbours. 8.10am | arrive home. second breakfast for Cam. breakfast for me. 9am | parcel delivery. 10.20 am | morning tea for Cam - pretzels. 10.40am | DT work for TSS. blogging & messages. 12.30pm | lunch. more DT work. 1.45pm | make school lunches for tomorrow. 2.50pm | organize babysitting for the boys. 3.10pm | kids arrive home from school bus. 3.30pm | take sheets off the clothes line & make the beds. afternoon tea. 3.40pm | showers for the kids. 4pm | start cooking dinner. 5.05pm | getting ready for TSHS Academic Awards night. 5.10pm | Mark arrives home. 5.30pm | take the boys to sitter. 6.30pm | Awards night. Tahlia receives a Gold Medal for Academics.  Award of Excellence for English. 9.10pm | Finish at awards night. collect boys. make a quick trip to McDonalds for ice cream sundaes.  come home.  get kids into bed. 10pm | goodnight.
weather: overcast with late evening rain.


Lizzy Hill said...

Good night, BOTH senses of the word...good on your DD....that's FABULOUS...& I LOOOOOVE the typewriter pic...scrappable?????

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the pics!!! CONGRATS to your DD on award night!!

Lizzyc said...

Phew, what a great day!!

Kerryn said...