Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

Today we marched down our main street. We marched for the Anzacs. To show pride in where we are today and what these brave men and women did for us in the past. The schools marched. And I marched along side of them, taking photos and remembering my Grandfather who fought in WWII.

I wanted the kids to understand the significance and importance of this day. That it's not just about flag waving and wearing red flowers. I'm sure they don't comprehend it, but hopefully by participating, one day they will. Until then, I want them to be proud that they took part in the parade and be willing to do it again next year.


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Anonymous said...

Great photos of Ethan with the bucket. Dad loved the photos but made a comment "who would want to live in that country without water"
Ethan would love it up here, he could play with the hose all day.
Love Mum