Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Water Boy

He would do you proud Dad. Without fail he is out there (dragging me along) to water our new plants...which are struggling to survive in Level 6 water restrictions. For those of you NOT in SE Qld, I'm not even sure there is a higher level to go to. We are on 4 minute showers. Hoses are banned. Cannot was cars in your own yard. Forget watering your garden. And are limited to a daily amount of water rations per person in each household. *yikes!* It sure has made living FUN!? Yet it does not stop a two year old growing plants. Lucky for him we have a rain water tank and he is especially restricted to one bucket per day.

I'm not sure which he enjoys the most - playing in the water, watching me do all the hard work by carrying the bucket load of water or turning the tap on! By the way, that's not the bucket size he is limited to, shown in the photo.

And usually, that green bucket isn't the one either. Hopefully it will rain at some point and I might get the chance to introduce him to the hose. He has never even seen it out and about at our house. It has been locked away in the shed. Out of temptation's way...hehehe! Won't he enjoy that option then!

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