Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to school!

Yay!! It's back to school. After ten short days of holiday madness, it's good to get back into some kind of routine. The kids were looking forward to starting back as well. We weren't sure how Liam would go, (with the novelty maybe wearing off and a recent break away from the playground) but he went back full of enthusiasm and wonder. Again ... yay!!!

Tahlia has been busy planning her eighth birthday. Can you believe that! *sigh* We made special birthday invites for five of her friends to join her for a sleepover. Her birthday falls on the same weekend as the Urban Country Music Festival, and since that will be happening just down the road, she also gets to enjoy the fireworks that will conveniently be seen from our front yard. We spare no expense ... hehehe!
And of course our youngest has been up to his usual Monkey Business. But this time he has a friend. Please meet Boots (aptly named after the monkey from Dora the Explorer).

Thanks Lorraine and Rick. He is really enjoying his new friend.

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Anonymous said...

You're very welcome! I'm glad that 'Boots' has won Ethan's affection! Love Lorraine. xx