Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't panic...

I've been playing with the settings on the blog. Well..., playing with maybe a little bit of help from Mark. Okay, with a lot of help from Mark. (Thanks babe). But I am getting better. I've been adding thingies and moving thingies around. Sorry if I'm getting too technical!!! *grin* So, I hope you like the new look...It's here for now until I get restless again with the whole blog look.
Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for looking.
ps - The photos of the kids were over a year old and I'm aiming for a new banner photo when the opportunity comes knocking.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed, and I love the look of your new blog!

I'm actually starting to realise that I'm becoming addicted to checking your blog and reading your news!

Hope you keep it up, coz I'll be lost without it!!

Love Lorraine. xx