Saturday, June 28, 2008

Picnic Lunch...

What better way is there to start off the school holidays, than with cousins and a picnic lunch?

Answer: None. These guys adore each other and always have the best of times! And we have great options as to where to go as well. We love Bullocky's Rest as it is usually quite and the kids are free to run around crazy. Or go off and sit quietly with their partners in crime!

I also wanted to have a few photos of myself with the kids. They are very rare. I tend to be the dedicated family photographer, simply because I carry my camera everywhere and don't want to miss a single moment. I have come to realise that because of this, I don't even have any photos with me and my nieces and nephews. So, with a few words in Mark's ear, these are some photos from today. I'll probably cringe each time I look at them, but at least I was there, being recorded as part of our family history.

Ethan and mummy looking at the birds.

Liam and I sharing a cuddle.

Tahlia and I having a quiet moment together.

And here they are...all six!


Anonymous said...

So that's what you look like without that black box stuck to your face! Like the photos sweetheart, though I think you chickened out by not putting the one of the two mothers on (though I am glad you didn't put the one of me on!)! Love you, Dad

Anonymous said...

Wow, Leanne, the photos of you and the children are AMAZING! I hope you're going to frame them and put them on your wall? Love Lorraine. xx