Friday, June 27, 2008

Hockey Game...

They could be professionals one day...but for now, it's all about the fun!!! (Or at least I hope!) Between Tahlia having an attack of nerves and Liam being extremely relaxed on the field, they managed to play some hockey. And I would hope so, considering we drove up to the Sunshine Coast for them to participate! Now that they know what is involved, hopefully it will encourage them to be better prepared for next time.
Here's a photo of Tahlia protecting the goal area...
...and Liam warming up... Love the "tongue of concentration" with this shot of Liam!

But he did manage to give me a reasonable photo as well.

Thanks for looking.


lusi said...

Hi there Leanne!
Thanks so much for delurking on my blog and linking to yours! Your eye for photography is fantastic mate and i esp love the spider web shot!
Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for your kind words tonight :)
Love Lusi x

Leanne said...

Hi Leanne

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your kind words. I do agree that our name brings with it creativity LOL

Hope to chat again soon

Leanne xx

PS love your layouts too, they are awesome