Friday, June 13, 2008

Sports Day...

Go, Maiba! Go! And go they did because after a long day of sprints, relays and ball games...guess who won. Yes Maiba won!!! Who would have thought. Anyway, this achievement meant even more because Tahlia is the junior school House Captain for her team!!! Go Maiba! She got to accept the trophy with her male counterpart from the school principal. How proud does she look? I think if she could have been any prouder, she would have burst!!

She held onto that trophy like it was a baby, while everyone around her admired the hard work the team had put into getting it, throughout the day.

Ethan was his usual angel self. So well behaved and patient enough to sit in the pram and watch everything going on around him. I really didn't expect him to stay still as long as what he did. He even had a sleep in the pram when things got a bit too much. He really was a good boy for the day...even more so, considering how sick he has been lately.

Liam did brilliantly today in his race. He came in second to his friend Mason (who is probably one of the smallest kids in prep!). I just love the look of concentration on his face in the following photo.

The prep kids only get to have one sprinting race. No finals, relays or ball games. That really all starts for them in Grade One.

Tahlia didn't let her team down either. She came first in her heat and then forth in her final. Not bad at all. We are very proud of both her and Liam's efforts today and their good sportsmanship. Congratulations Maiba!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tahlia liam and Ethan
Wow what beautiful pictures. Congratulations Tahlia for coming first in your race, I knew you could do it. Fancy being captain of your team - that is such a hugh achievement.We are so proud of our little grandchildren. And liam coming in second was just great too. The photos are great and I've never seen such a big trophy - Keep up the good work. Liam will be Captain too when he gets older. Love nanny

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Captain Tahlia! And well done Liam too! I hope you had lots of fun.

Love Auntie Lorraine. xx