Monday, July 28, 2008


The two older kids are at school and Ethan is asleep. What better time is there to create! Here are two layouts I've just completed.

Tahlia loved this bikini. She wore it until it was no longer practical (and she probably still has it stashed away at the back of her cupboard!). The journalling says: She wore an Itsy bitsy bikini and she wanted to play. And now I have that song in my head! Lol!!

The next one is of my big boy Liam, who promptly told his father we visited the local scrapbooking shop for this paper, ... just to see what reaction he could get out of his dad. Mark did the whole "WHAT?!" thing, and got a giggle out of Liam. All Liam got from me was, "Just wait boy... You've got it coming to you!" Lol! Of course he doesn't know what it is, that's coming! Lol!
Journalling says: Meet Mr Chitter Chat, self-confessed, non-stop talker. And here is some detail...

Thanks for looking.


Belinda Venables said...

WOW Leanne - loving both of these layouts! Delicious colour combo's for each!

Thanks for sharing,


Belinda Venables said...

Hi there - I'm

I think that Miss 9000's poster deserves a RAK. Could you please email me your addy and I will get something together for you! hehe

Have a fab day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Le, You sure are getting into the scrapbooking mode, and it seems you get them completed very quickly. The layouts are absolutely beautiful. Glad the kids are well again and back at school. I can imagine what liam said to his father about where the scrapbooking paper came from etc. etc.. Love Mum

Nic said...

Gorgeous layouts!!