Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

Yes, we have more rain! The water tank is over flowing, the hollows in the grass are filling up and the tadpoles are loving it!!! For those of you who do not know, our house is built near a nature reserve where the developers found a rare and endangered species of froglet! The kids love this... and so does the dog! Lol! The frogs however, are of the singing kind, in fact one of their names suggests that!

The local council is all for protecting this species of frog. I have no problem with that. And this is where bureaucracy goes crazy! We are very restricted on our block of land as to where we can build. We reside on 3/4 acre of property and can only have permanent structures in the very front of the block so as not to DISTURB the frogs! This however, does not stop the council driving their tractor behind our property, with their slasher in tow, ...and you can figure out the rest!

So, the froglets in our backyard are loving the rain!

And on a different note, I managed to scrap that photo of Ethan and the camera, yesterday.

I am trying my best to use up my surplus of supplies without the layout looking too drab. I really like the colours in this one though. And of course, I have to thank my hand model, who wanted a piece of the action this morning! Lol!

Thanks for looking.


Belinda Venables said...

Don't you just love double standards...grrr!

I love that picture of the rain dripping off of the roof...fabulous!!

Love the layout and your model is just as cute! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Love, so glad you are getting all that rain. Hope it reaches the dams so that your water restrictions are reduced from level 6. How much rain ?? We've had 138ml in the last 3 days here. I love the rain drop from the roof and I see Ethan is helping with the scrapbooking. Love the colours. Love Mum

Nic said...

That page looks great.. simple and bold!
Frogs... the one thing that really freaks me out! Good for nature though, as long as they stay away from me....