Friday, July 11, 2008

So, here's a question...

Do you carry the camera around too much when your youngest sees you with it and automatically says..."Say CHEEEEESE Mum. CHEEEEEEESE!" ? And does the same question apply when the said youngest organises his siblings to pose?

My in-laws will get a kick out of this! And I can already hear them yelling "YES!". But I'm still glad I have easy access to the camera because of moments like this.


Belinda Venables said...

That is so adorable...gave me a giggle...bless him!


Anonymous said...

Hi Le, Finally made it to the blog.The picture of the kids is just beautiful and Yes Jenny says you can put a picture of our little Leah on the blog. She certainly is growing..feeds every 4 hours on the dot.
Your scrapbooking is coming along in leaps and bounds
love Mum

Nic said...

Thanks for your comments.. I agree, we need those comments to make our day! I'll be sure to keep dropping in and checking out your work. My kids are the same with the camera.. I am finding though that the 'cheeeeese' thing is making such fake smiles these days.. I am always trying to make them smile more naturally. Which is sometimes a challenge!!

Anonymous said...

And who can blame you, with three such adorable and photogenic children? I'm sure I'd be exactly the same!

And anyway, I really love your photos, so I'm very pleased that you're so 'snap-happy'!


Love Lorraine. xx