Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been getting some wonderful comments lately from some truly amazing and talented people. I am somewhat surprised they would take the time to have a look at my site but I LOVE reading these special messages! I am daily encouraged, to write down and document our family history. Something I guess, I have been doing subconsciously from the copious amounts of photos I take and the pile of journals I've jotted notes down in. Having found this craft is a true God-send for me. And I love it!!!!

I have never submitted a layout to a magazine, and only recently have been brave enough to post one lone layout into an internet gallery! Placing my work on this blog allows me to step back and share without the face-to-face comments from those who would make them if they were flipping through an album. Criticism or praise doesn't sit well with me. The first because I would take it too personally, and the second plainly because I would feel awkward! LOL!!! I can't win! But I love reading the kind words left behind from those in the scrapbooking industry and of course family.

So this is for you...those who have taken the time to look at my version of this family history!

Thanks again and continue coming to visit me here! I look forward to your future messages!


Leanne Stamatellos said...

what a nice thing to do Leanne !

Nicole said...

love this flower pic,

I'm the same as you, hate showing my work in real life, and get really embarrassed when my mum tells everyone about my latest pages in the mags.

You should really think about subbing though, but don't lose sleep if you get rejected either.


Anonymous said...

No, thank YOU, Leanne! I'm so glad that you're keeping this 'family history'.

Your children will treasure it when they're older - so many childhood memories captured forever.

I know that you're a very humble person, but you shouldn't be embarrassed to show off your work.

Just enjoy it - and we will too!

Love Lorraine. xx

Anonymous said...

I made a comment here a minute ago, but the page crashed when I tried to send it, so I don't know whether it got through or not. I'll check it out next time I look, and I'll reply again if I don't see it... Love L. xx