Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When I turn five...

Will you miss me Mum? When I turn five?

Because I am going to school this year. I know you will miss me. But will you really Mum?? Five is a big number.

I know that you love having me at home to help with everything and be friends together. But will you miss me?

I am excited about going to school. Cause you told me it's going to be sooo much fun! And Tahlia and Liam will be there too. But I need to know if you will miss me?

I have my school bag and lunch box but I need books. And homework. Please give me homework too!

I love you Mum. Five is a big number. Will you be okay when I am at school? Dad says he won't mind so much since he is at work when I will be at school and there won't be much difference. He will still miss me but Dad says Mummy, you will miss me more. Because we spend more time together. So will you Mum? Will you miss me?

Happy Birthday sweetheart. I love you and yes I will miss you. I already do. I will miss you more than you could ever know, just like I miss your brother and sister when they are at school. And you still have a few weeks to go before it starts. I will be okay. You will be too.

And because I will miss you sooo much during the day while you are at school, our cuddles will be extra special. Our time together will mean everything. And I will tell you a hundred million, ga-zillion times, how much I missed you while you were at school.

Yes son. Five is a big number. Happy Birthday.


Suz said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Leanne, and for the kind words. Love this post...the sentiments...melts my heart and brings back memories of my boys' first days of school. SIGH.
Wishing you a wonderful journey this year!

Shell said...

Such a beautiful post Leanne. Reading it made me all teary. What a clever and caring little man you have there.
Im sure you will miss him very much and I hope he LOVES school.x

Jess Mackenzie said...

Gosh Leanne reading this brought tears to my eyes! Your little man is so gorgeous....and even though he's a big 5 year old now....I bet he's still your baby : ) I hope he has an awesome time at school...and I hope you don't miss him tooooo much! Love and Peace xox

Kerryn said...

awww that first photo just melts your heart!

Happy birthday to your baby :).

mandysea said...

That is terribly cute!!!
Hope your new year has started with heaps of joy!!

Kim said...

I agree abeautiful heart felt post, love your photos and that cake is AWESOME

Suzanne said...

This post is fabulous! It made me sad, because I can so relate. My little one began Kindergarten last year, and I have yet come to terms with it. I am trying to find my rhythm! He is so adorable!!! Happy New Year!

Christine said...

Aww, how gorgeous. I can sure sympathise there, my little man starts this year too and I will miss him so very much :(