Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Brothers...

It is so interesting to watch the dynamics between the kids in my house.  Their attitudes towards each other are constantly changing.  One minute they are the best of friends.. and of course, ultimately in the next heart beat, something always goes terribly wrong...  sigh.

But over the last few months, the most dramatic change between my kids as siblings has been Ethan and Cam.

For the longest time, Ethan hasn't been all that bothered with his little brother.  Maybe it was a case of  Ethan simply not being the baby any longer!  hahaha!  Or it could be that he, at age three when Cam came along, still had the attention of his older brother and sister.  Whatever the reason, this big brother-little brother relationship has altered.  For almost the better! LOL!

Ethan now likes to "instruct" Cam on how things should be done.  After all, Mr 6 is a big school boy now and his brain is filled to the brim with knowledge!!  Mr 3 is also very independent.  And doesn't like being told what to do!  Can you see my dilemma developing here...  What I find most amusing however, is that Cameron mimics Ethan right down to the tiniest of mannerisms.

So, when I see a moment of quiet learning between the two, I like to just stand back and watch to see the final outcome.  Fortunately I sometimes have the camera on hand too and I have managed to take a couple of photos here and there.  grin.

Over at Greatest View today, I am sharing a layout about the relationship between these two rascals.

products used: cs - kaisercraft; pp - echo park (note to self); alpha - echo park; GV - wood grain chevron badge, grassy knoll chevron badge & moustache badge; other - echo park stickers, elle's studio journaling cards, tim holtz distress stain, scrap fx chipboard.

If you would like to learn a bit more about this layout, head on over to Greatest View.  I am looking at scrapping those unguarded moments that get caught on film.  

And now that the kids are back at school, I am hoping to get a bit more creating done during the reasonably undisturbed hours of 9-3.  :) Wish me luck... & Thanks for visiting..x


Lizzy Hill said...

LOVE this....Gail's badges look fab here....these colours are great Boy Colours, too:):):)

Kim said...

brothers hey!!!!!! I have a few storeies to tell but will save that for another day...love how you can add 3 buttons and it still not look cluttered....

Heather McMahon said...

I was scrolling through my dashboard and this LO leaped out at me. I absolutely love it!

Kerryn said...

Hehe I had to laugh at the grown up school boy being so much more knowledgeable than his little bro ;).

Your page is gorgeous Leanne. As always I love how you have told the story :).