Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doggie love...

I know I joke about giving this dog away ALL the time but... in reality, the kids love him. Especially Ethan. And they have been spending some quality time with Jack lately.

(ps - SAHM means Stay At Home Mum. Thanks for the query Bernice.)


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad when I look at the pics of Jack. Our Brandy went missing on Thursday 26th and hasn't come home.Third day now. Maybe advertising our address for the pumpkins cost us Brandy. My theory is that someone has picked him up.For some reason we never seem to have a dog for long. Hope the kids give Jack all their love as long as they can and enjoy him. Love Mum

Lorraine said...

I'm still in complete and utter awe of the fact that you can look after three children AND a dog!

I'm glad that they're all so affectionate with each other, (most of the time anyway!)

Leanne's mum - I'm really sorry to hear about Brandy, and I hope that he returns to you.