Friday, September 5, 2008


Wouldn't you know it...the very next day after posting a layout about the drought....we received over 100ml of rain in a 12hr period!

It amazes me, that I have such control over the weather! Lol! Maybe I should have done that, oh, say about two years ago!


Leanne said...

Love that photo Leanne. Glad that you got some rain. We have had plenty down here on the Coast as much as I love the rain it would be really nice if it would now stop!!!!
Have a great weekend
Leanne :)

helen karanfilovski said...

WOW Leanne - this is an excellent photo!! You take such lovely shots... and then scrap them beautifully.. and the time I talked about no rain on my blog - that same afternoon was a downpour!!! lol!! I hope you have a lovely weekend:)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Love the photo - what great depth of field.

Sheree said...

LOL! Hasn't it been great to get some rain! Can't say I enjoy doing the school runs in it but we certainly need it. Love that photo you've taken too you clever thing!

Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

Sheree xx

susy said...

What a beautiful photo. I adore the rain. Love your layouts,