Saturday, June 13, 2009

An epic week...

It has been an absolute crazy week, full of the unusual and unexpected... The first half of the week had me spending time in hospital for observation due to some complications with this pregnancy. It is mostly all good now and has me feeling somewhat rested...which is a good thing considering both Tahlia and Liam had their school "Sports Days".

It really should be put to parents on a flyer, as a warning that "Sports Day", in reality is "Sports Week". Tahlia had events starting Tuesday, as Monday was a public holiday, followed by heats on Wednesday, with the main events and finals being completed on Friday. Liam only had one day of running and ball games, which coincidentally happen to be...Thursday!

To say that we have some very tired children this weekend is a bit of an understatement! And they managed to finish off their sporty week by going to hockey practise on Friday afternoon.

Today was spent a little more leisurely. We went to a local park where the natives hang out...

... (can you see the koala in the tree?) ...and let the kids run around a little bit more! Well, run, ride and spin!

It was nice to sit back and relax after such a busy week... Not a lot of scrapping done, but I now have plenty of photos to supplement the habit!


Anonymous said...

Checked out the great sporting photos. Wished I was there to see them perform. They looked like they had a lot of fun and thats the main thing.
Love mum

Lorraine said...

Hi Leanne,

Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for a while. I've been in Canada for 2 and a half weeks, visiting Heather, amongst other things.

Also sorry to hear that you've had a few complications with your pregnancy. I hope it's all under control now, and that you remain well for the last few weeks.

Thank you very much for posting the photos of you and your baby-bump, by the way. You look fab!

Take care and lots of love,

Lorraine. xx

Anonymous said...

love your sports day photos Leeanne, i can never seem to get any good ones for my kids but you've got some cool action shots! I hope alls well with you and bub, rest up!!

Sheree said...

Great sports day pics Leanne! The kids look like they had a fun day.

Hope all's ok now with you and bub! Put those feet up and relax... not long to go now!

Sheree xx