Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've been tagged!...

The lovely Nicole, has tagged me and now I have been request to answer these questions....and then of course, tag 8 other bloggers. Here goes....

Q1. What are 8 things you look forward to:

1. Getting to the end of this pregnancy in a reasonably healthy condition!
2. Meeting our newest family member next month.
3. Having the energy to spend quality time with my three other children.
4. Creating.
5. Chilly mornings where you can just sit back with a steaming cup of cocoa and a blanket wrapped around your shoulders.
6. Camping.
7. Family holidays and adventures.
8. Sleeping comfortably for a full night.

Q2. What were 8 things you did yesterday:

1. Washing, washing and more washing.
2. Wrestled with Ethan to have a nap.
3. Took the kids to the bus stop and then picked them up from school that afternoon.
4. Blogged.
5. Chatted with my MIL on the phone.
6. House work....yuck!
7. Rested.
8. Edited some photos.

Q3. What are the 8 things you wish you could do:

1. Travel more frequently overseas...*sigh*
2. Have financial freedom.
3. Put my feet up without having the housework beckon me.
4. Write a children's story.
5. Lie on my stomach! hehehe
6. Tell my dietitian what I think of her rules... but I'm too polite!
7. Spend more time with my friends.
8. Click my fingers and have everything go right.

Q4. Name 8 things or shows you've watched lately:

1. My daughter's ballet rehearsal.
2. Castle (Channel 7)
3. My kids splashing in the rain.
4. The News.
5. Master Chef (Channel 10)
6. Tahlia paint my toes...
7. GNW ( Channel 10)
8. The Mentalist (Channel 9)

And here are the 8 blogs I am tagging. Play along if you want to...


Have a great day.

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Paul said...

Thanks for the tag Leanne! Will try to do it on my blog this week...

Sheree xx
ps. Enjoyed reading your answers!