Friday, April 20, 2012

52 photos...week?

LOL!  Okay.  I've had a bit of a rough {insert *crazy* here} few weeks and I have kind of fallen off the wagon with my 52 photos.  Soooo... Once again I am playing catch up..

week 14.. school holidays

Ethan is a bit of a camera hog at the moment.  When ever the camera is pointed at him, he immediately goes into rock star mode... or at least some sort of crazy pose!!! hahaha.  Here I think he was also partly excited to away camping, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors!

week 15.. warplane museum

Nanny came for a quick visit and we went to check out the local warplane museum.  Cam thought it was a huge playground, just running around in circles (as two year olds do!) with his big brother watching after him.  Thankfully we were the only ones there and his mischievous antics didn't cause any harm or interruptions... This time!  LOL!!

week 16.. school camp

Tahlia went off on her very first school camp this week.  She didn't go too far from home but I am glad she went.  Each year previous, when the opportunity has come for her to go on school camp, she has always backed out.  I'm glad this year she finally had the courage to let go and enjoy being with her friends.  We've missed her.  And can't wait to hear all about the exciting things she got to do.

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Lizzy Hill said...

Brave Tahlia.... good on her. Great're not doing too bad. I'd have given up by now:):)

Denise said...

great family photos - sure we'll see them in a LO soon.

pradeepstainless said...

What beautiful pictures, they are so lucky to have a friend like you who does such great work.Cookare

Kerryn said...

Hehe I can totally relate to the crazy!

Lol at your boys rock star poses. Make the most of it! Hope your girl enjoyed her first camp :).

Christine said...

Looks like you're doing ok Leanne! Loving the rock star :)

stacey said...

love the first photo looks like a jetstar comercial, i left you an award on my blog if you have time pop on over and have a look

Mother of 4. My husband's toys cost more. said...

I love your blog and your work. BTW we have the same backround! LOL!