Tuesday, April 10, 2012

home again, home again....

warning: photo heavy post!!! ;)

Hello Friends!  We are home again after a wonderful mini Easter break with good friends and a smokey atmosphere!  LOL!  Yep.  We went camping...again.  :)

And back to one of our favourite camping spots. Amamoor - Cedar Grove.  The creek here has been dramatically cleared of debris and made significantly wider  in some parts due to recent flooding that swallowed this little valley.  Still it is a beautiful place to camp... even if over 300 other people joined us for the Easter week-end...

So instead of joining the masses, that were trying to escape the heat at the main water hole, the kids and I went exploring and found this little secluded section. 

The water was freezing! But over the slight rocky rapids, the water was shallow enough for them to wade about. Keeping them happy and wet. :)

Of course, quite ironically, in a place where this entire area was going to be underwater with the proposal of a very controversial dam... the kids decided they needed to try their hand at building one too.  LOL!

And maybe some of the big kids got involved as well!! hahaha.. They even built a "spa" off to the side.  They used the bubbles formed from spilling off the dam wall to create a natural whirl pool.  And I guess they needed it after carrying those heavy rocks!

Other than exploring the creek, we got to experience the wildlife too.  There was the usual goannas and a few snakes... ummm.. yeah.  We avoided those ones, but we still saw them.  But a highlight was this little creature.

We also climbed trees... sort of... maybe it was kind of a tree!  LOL!!

And we even took a trip to Tin Can Bay...

The kids really love camping.  They are always quite excited but Cam seems to be extra keen to be outside playing and learning.

So... I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  We certainly did.  Even if the rain came down on Sunday while the egg hunt was happening!  LOL!!

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Lizzy Hill said...

Aaaahhhh! Wondered where you'd got to ~ certainly looks like the kids had a BALL...wonderful to get out into that fresh air away from electronic stuff...great photos:):):)

Dolly B said...

Love the photo's, camping is so much fun , minus the snakes! We used to love camping when the kids were little, now we are old we like comfort lol

Gail L said...

Looks like you had a great time! But I'm still not convinced haha! x