Thursday, January 19, 2012

As Promised...

*ahem - photo heavy post*... :D 

Those in the Scrapping Community, who visit to see my creations, may not be terribly interested in my family exploits! LOL!!  But I share these stories here on my blog for friends and family.  And for me.  So I can remember the details of what, where, when, how and sometimes why.  I guess it is my time capsule of sorts.  Just like scrapbooking.  Minus the pretty paper and gorgeous embellishments! But I'm cool with that.  Because when I go to use the paper and scissors, I have the documentation already completed.  And those of you who visit my blog on a regular basis, know how important the story is to me.

I have considered starting another blog, just for family and friends who are interested.  But as of yet I haven't decided. It may be a new venture in 2012.  I'll mull over it for a while. :)

So.... Here goes.  As promised (Mum...) :D

Camping at Wivenhoe.

The Captain Logan campsite at Wivenhoe Dam, is fast becoming a favourite place for us to camp at.  Not only does it have HOT showers, flushing toilets and allocated sites... but there is the ultimate attraction of the water.  hee hee.. oh!  and throw in the added bonus of a taipan slithering about and the rest is all gravy.

Bushland on one side..

Water on the other...

Okay... So I wasn't thrilled when I learnt about the snake.  The on-site Ranger called in to see how we were getting along with setting up and warned us about the potentially deadly neighbour...  Not fun.

But back to the water.  We love it here because the kids can swim and kayak to their hearts content without the fear of being run over by a motorboat.  Here they can jump, emerge and float happily...

...water guns in hand, of course! LOL!

We set up camp on the hottest day of the Summer.  Typical.  The heatwave hit us at just the wrong time! LOL!  I think the temperature got  up to 42 degrees... in. the. shade!!!!  OMGosh!  It was a stinker.  So hot that we all just walked into the water with out getting changed into our swimming gear first.

The rest of the week wasn't as bad.  We still had some hot days but later in the week it got quite cool! How are we suppose to plan for a camping trip if the weather isn't going to behave for us! LOL! 

We took a day trip to the Queensland Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich while we were so close.  The kids loved it.  

Cam especially with his total adoration of all things train.

And Liam because of the scientific displays and interactive experiments he could get involved with!!

So, back at camp.. besides having dirty faced kids..

or wet kids..

 or cheeky sunglass stealing kids...

or zinc covered kids...

...we all had a rather relaxing week away from the normal routine of work and home duties.  Even Mark, with his arm in plaster for the first little bit.  I'm glad we managed to get away, in spite of it being incredibly hectic during the school holidays.  Now it is a matter of trying to get some washing dry (2 days of rain doesn't help) and to sort out the school books for the coming year.  Back to school on Monday.

Thanks for visiting..x


WendyMac said...

Gorgeous,gorgeous pics Leanne....Love how you document your family life. x

Anita S said...

wow leanne looks like u guys had a great holiday!!!! that camping spot looks the best!!! am yet to find something similar here in WA. looks like u have a good 'set-up'. camping is lots of fun but setting up in that heat - whoa!!! just as well u had the water!!!
ps - lots of photos to scrap now!

Kerryn said...

Looks like an awesome spot (minus the snake of course). My boy would go nuts for the train museum.

Gail L said...

Hmm. I'm still not convinced on the whole camping thing although it does look like you had a blast!

Dolly B said...

Beautiful pics, love them
Mary x

Anonymous said...

Love all your photos. Cam looks more like Mark every day. The camping spot looks great. Nannie.

Jasmine S said...

Love your scrappy shares but love the personal ones too. Some fabulous shots here. The campsite looks awesome and a great set up. Must take note for when we finally start camping again. It used to just be Hubby and I, not with 4 kids too.

Sheree said...

Awesome holiday pics Leanne! Sounds like you've all had the best fun!

Sheree xx