Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Today, my second youngest/third in line/middle son, (LOL!!!) turns 6! Happy birthday little man!  Oh I so wish you would just stay little!! For just a bit longer at least.  I am having heart palpitations at the thought and realization that birthdays come around so quickly.  sigh... But I can't stop them or him from growing. 

So this is what I can do... Let you go and discover who you are becoming, especially now that you are a school boy.  Continue to support and encourage you in the things you want to explore.  And snatch you up sometimes in a big bear hug...  Just so I can delight on you and you can whisper in my ear that you are still my boy.  :)  We love you so much buddy.  Happy Birthday....x


Kim said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Lizzy Hill said...

Great photo ~ another cover for Scapbooking Memories...kidding! I've just bought the mag & love, love, love your LO's:):)

WendyMac said...

Gorgeous little Ethan. x My youngest daughter Alana turned 10 today also! x