Wednesday, June 29, 2011


** Warning - this will be a photo-less post**  :(

OMGosh! It is so cold!!!!!  We have set up camp in Canberra after a fun filled and tragic day for us on the snow fields yesterday. Mark, forgetting his age, decided to try snow-boarding!  Well.. while waiting in the emergency room for an x-ray to be performed on his arm...a father of a young boy summed up the phenomenon of snowboarding perfectly.  They are weapons of mass destruction.  What a way to spend an afternoon when we should have been doing safer tobogganing a serious speeds down a steep hill where a partially frozen creek was revealing itself! 


Mark has fractured his left elbow.  Again.  This makes the third fracture on the same joint.  It is incredibly painful and he is limited in doing anything at all.  Not fun.  Especially when we are on a camping adventure..... :(  But don't worry.  He will pay for it over and over again, as I managed to capture it all on film! HAHAHA!

So......apart from stressing me out to the hilt with his accident!!  The kids did have a wonderful time enjoying experience with the snow.  The tobogganing was a lot of fun.

As you may have guessed I am exhausted.  I haven't uploaded any photos to the laptop yet and quite frankly... it is so cold here in the Capital, all I want to do is go to bed! 

Tomorrow we hope to visit Parliament House, The War Memorial and Questacon.  Yay!  Hopefully a few days at a more leisurely pace will be just the thing to calm my nerves!  LOL!  Thanks for visiting...x


Unknown said...

Not good leanne....not good for the holiday but the kids will have fun in canberra...especially are just over the hill from me...i live in tumut...1.5 hrs via highway or 1hr via brindies...anyway...have fun

Jules said...

hope your nerves are feeling better leanne... a stiff scotch should fix it! hehe... hope you all enjoyed your visits to the sites of Canberra today! xx

Kerryn said...

oh dear. Not what you bargained for as part of the holiday I expect. Hope you enjoyed the sites of Canberra :).