Friday, June 3, 2011

Family update and Travel plans...

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent for the last few days. I seem to have a lot to blog about and not enough time to get it all down and share it with you. Sheesh!! Nothing major... and not really any scrapping stuff, but the general everyday to day things I need and want to remember.

Unfortunately I've had a household of sick kids too. A really yucky tummy bug, of which I will spare you the details! LOL!! Let's just say it hasn't been a pleasant week! LOL!! Of course sickness in the house also involves a lot of juggling and I guess I feel a little worn out at the moment...

Tahlia's teacher has resigned from school and that has left her with an un-ending chain of substitute teachers... and there is nothing wrong with that, other than her classmates thinking they can get the upper hand and totally disregard the rules set out to ensure respect between teacher and students. Ggggrrrr! She hates the disruption and only wants to please the teacher and learn. That unfortunately gets a little bit difficult at times. (By the way, Tahlia's teacher resigned for family reasons, not because of an unruly classroom! LOL! Thought I'd better clarify that! hee hee..)

Ethan had a blast at his first cross country event and was right at the front of the pack! Until he stopped so I could take a photo! LOL! Oh well.. He claims he didn't stop and that he was actually jogging on the spot! (ROTFL!!!) He ended up coming in fourth. A fantastic effort!

Liam and Ethan both missed out on their school sport's day because of their illness. Which was a blessing in disguise really. I normally have to stay at school and follow their progress at different events throughout the day - often resulting with me running a marathon carrying both Cameron, nappy bag and any other paraphernalia needed to entertain him for the day. So instead... we crashed on the couch at home and watched Jackie Chan movies... "Shanghai Noon" and "Around the World in 80 Days." Tahlia went to school though... Her sport's day was on a different day.

Even with being unwell at the moment, the boys have received awards for their efforts in school. I am so conscious that the kids don't miss out on any crucial learning when they are not there. I stress a little about it. I probably shouldn't. But I do. Is anybody else like this or am I the only one who feels guilty??... Anyway...

Ethan got his very first certificate, which just happened to be "Student of the Month"! He was so excited. :D

And Liam received a reading award...

Cam is becoming more and more chatty. He LOVES to have his opinion heard! And heaven help us... he loves to be on the phone, talking to Nanny or Grandma or Daddy or any number of Tahlia's school friends! I love hearing his little voice saying, "Helwooo" and "bye-bye"! And then all the jibberish that comes in between those two words. hee hee..

It is getting cooler here at the moment. But we are acclimatising ourselves by walking around in tank tops and shorts! LOL! Okay... So it's NOT that cold. But cool enough for those of us who live in the sub-tropics! ha ha!!

The reason we are doing this? Because of our fabulously exciting travel plans!! Plans that include taking our kids to see the snow!!!! woooo hoooooo! Can you tell I am a little bit excited too?! LOL!

In the next few weeks, we will be busy beavering away collecting all of our winter gear (not that there is much of it!) and squeezing it all into one packing box to take with us on our latest camping adventure. No. You read that right. Camping.... Snow..... bbbrrrrrrr!

We've scoured the camping sales and winter warehouses to find good winter bargains to take with us on our holiday. We really didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes that we will get limited wear out of. I mean...apart from the freak hailstorm in our back yard last Monday at MIDNIGHT!!!... when do Queenslanders need snow gear! LOL!

Our trip includes visiting Sydney, Canberra, The Snowy Mountains, The Blue Mountains and Dubbo Western Plains Zoo. The best part... I don't know yet....but it could possibly be the fact that we will be at the zoo for Cam's 2nd birthday! (If it all goes to plan! LOL!) We are very excited.

We will be travelling with our camping family. That's 6 adults and too many kids to count! Hopefully we won't have a "Home Alone" episode.... As this trip is going to an adventure of sorts, we are trying to be as flexible as possible. If we see something that catches our eye along the way or hear from the locals, something of interest, we are going to stop and explore.

I am planning and hoping to have the opportunity to blog as I go. It's the easiest way for me to document at the moment...hence the uber, long blog post today!! :) So if anyone has any suggestions, hints or tips on what we really should see on our travels, please, please leave me a comment. I would really appreciate it.

Well... that's it for now. The update. Done. :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. Thanks for visiting...x


Alanna said...

Sounds like a fantastic little holiday plan!! The kids will love it!

I remember living in NSW when I was about 8 or 9 and my brothers and I saw SNOW for the first time... it was amazing! Being from the NT and WA I didn't even know it snowed in Australia! LOL! You'll have an AMAZING time!

Anonymous said...

Your holiday in the snow will be so exciting. Hope all the kids are well by this time. Congrats to Ethan and Liam on their certificates. Well done Ethan on your cross country run too.
Love Nannie

Jasmine S said...

Great update. Hope the kids are feeling better.
And that trip, have a wonderful time. Sounds awesome.

Jules said...

omgosh! first of all... congrats to all your kidlets leanne and yes, i stress about any missed learning too (i think the teachers are a bit surprised when in ask for work to take home :)) Lucky you with your camping trip... i just LOVE winter camping!! my tip: hot water bottles for the kids to heat up the sleeping bags before they jump in! there are so many cute ones on the market now! ... happy travels! xx

Kerryn said...

oh you guys have been through the ringer. how exciting for the boys with their certificates though.

Your holiday sounds a wee bit fun!!! I'll look forward to hearing all about it :).