Tuesday, February 7, 2012

52 photos...week 6

{We are Learning}

It's a process right?!  One that encourages our children to learn.  Or is it more a survival instinct kicking in... helping them get a step up before they start school?  I've always tried to encourage my kids to love learning.  And so far...  It seems to be working.  LOL!  As it is, Prep/Kindy usually has a screening process now anyway.  Or at the very least, in my experience, your four year old gets to have an "interview" with the school Principal and they test them on their letters, numbers, colours, shapes etc...  That's what Ethan had to go through...  Tahlia and Liam just rocked up to school, pencil in hand, ready and eager to get started.  No pre-Prep testing, just the name of their teacher and what class they were in.

I guess the curriculum has changed since Miss T started, waaaaaaayy back in 2005!  And now students can be placed in classes that have others who are at a similar academic level as themselves..

So what does this have to do with Cam...?  Well he's busy learning.  Loving his numbers... two, frwee, hor, h-ive, shix, h-evan, nine!  Loving his colours.  Green, red, pink, blue, orange, yellow, rainbow!  No problems there. :)  And even though he loves looking through books, pointing out several things of interest, his favourite subject this past week have been shapes!  LOL!  Especially if he can make the shapes with his hands.

So, at home we've been busy.  Cutting out the shapes in play-doh, drawing "hircles", "quares" and "ti-angs" on countless pieces of paper and singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star", "Wheels on the bus" and "I love you".

I love this time at home with Cam.  And to be honest, I'm not going out of my way to have the brightest two year old on the block!  LOL!  I just love that he loves to learn.  I want to encourage and nurture that gift.  And hopefully I can do him justice.  Who knows what will keep his interest next week....  (Hopefully not tele-tubbies..LOL!) Hmmmmm.  That scares me!  hahaha!  I think I might need to break out the big guns.  Now where did I put that encyclopedia Britannica set??.... LOL!!!

Thanks for visiting and have fun learning this coming week..x


Leanne J said...

YOUR funny.........!!
love how kids love to learn.. yay... and man i love your photos... superb.. hope you are well.. happy days to you... mwah

Kerryn said...

Hehe cute!

Kim said...

awwwwww I wanna come and learn at your place too!

Karen Shady said...

LOL... love your little story about Cams first days :) pre school interview ?? wow, thats new ?? My Jack goes to a school where theres 100 kids in total, from grade 6 to prep, so no pre interview there lol... so glad he is having fun, that is the most important part of school in the early days :) hope everything else in you world is good my friend... and I hope that rain has left you alone this time xx

Karen Shady said...

woops, I meant Ethan, not Cam :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Sounds like 'now' is a v special time for you with Cam.... enjoy it. Glad I didn't have to rock up to the Principal...I reckon I'd have refused to go to school anymore:):) Kids these days aren't quite so shy & scared, tho, which is GREAT:)

Christine said...

aww, he's a cutie! Kids are so inspiring, they are such little sponges hey!

Gail L said...

Somehow I can't see you sitting down with Cam and a big encyclopedia! So lovely that you get this special time with him xx