Thursday, February 16, 2012

52 photos...week 7 (and a catch up!)

It's my party!

And the only crying I did was from tears of laughter!  And maybe a little bit of relief that my attempt at making a birthday cake turned out!  hahaha!

Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!  I think the kids were just as excited as I was to see the beautiful rainbow colours.  phew... Six cakes all stacked up on top of each other!

And why did I make my own birthday cake... Well, Mark is usually pretty good at this kind of thing but... because of this...

It has been a little difficult.

Around here this week, it has been busy.  In the extreme.  Mark has had surgery on his elbow and is now at home recovering.  And as much as it is like "man flu" x 1000... It has been nice to have him home to help with the kids homework in the afternoons and spend the day with me on my birthday.  :)

We are also back at ballet and much to Tahlia's delight, in the new studio that was flooded just before dance classes resumed.  And when I say we... well... obviously it's just Tahlia and not Tahlia and me! LOL!!  Because I'm just the taxi driver at the moment!  hee hee..

Life is all "hussel and bussel".  The kids are really tired from the extra work they have happening at school.   The new curriculum is exhausting them, especially Ethan in Grade One.  The school has even taken away ten minutes at each break time to add to the learning time.  It's all go, go, go!  More reading, more maths and more science.

Thanks for staying with me through this rushed account of our lives for the week.  :)  I have some scrappy shares to show tomorrow and hopefully I'll be back to our regular blogging schedule soon...x


Jules said...

Happy Birthday Leanne!! I hope you had a lovely day... that cake looks spectacular!! ikwym about busy, busy, busy! My time management skills are really being put to the test at the moment! :)) hugs... x

Linda Eggleton said...

Wow, what an awesome looking cake!
Hope you had a great day :)

Your DD looks beautiful in her ballet gear <3

Hope DH is on the mend quickly!

Lizzy Hill said...

Sounds frenetic - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY:):) And that cake looks scrumptioulicious..... well worth the effort! Hope you had a good one:):)

WendyMac said...

Hope your birthday was extra special Leanne. WOW look at that awesome cake!! Looks fantastic. Gorgeous ballet pic - and I hear you!! my DD is back at ballet, jazz and solos!! Hugs. x

Gail L said...

Good job on the cake but a question - is it possible to eat a whole slice??? Glad the op is all over for your hubby!

Melinda Spinks said...

Oh yummo!!! My daughter has put a rainbow cake on the top of her request list for this years birthday.
You did a wonderful job Leanne. Hope your husband recovers soon.
Melinda :)

Unknown said...

Good to hear we have the same taste. I am going to make this for my little ones' birthday in April. It looks profesionally done!

Sheree said...

Oh happy birthday Leanne! You did an amazing job on your looks fabulous and so delicious! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Sheree xx