Tuesday, February 28, 2012

52 photos...week 9

{the week of wet}

The weather of late has been unpredictable...or predictable in that it has been wet.  Very wet.  And it always, ALWAYS, seems to pour down raining right on 3pm.  School pick up time.

The grass is six foot high and really, that is not far from exaggeration! LOL!  And the back yard requires rubber footwear.  Unless you like that squelchy feeling of mud and grass between your toes.  Sorry.... ewww...  That's not for me.  The frogs are singing in full voice and the mozzies strangely enough, aren't too bad.  I can only put that down to the fact that we have running water through our back yard and it isn't a stagnant breeding pool.

As you can tell from Cam's shirt, the clothes washing isn't drying too well on the line and I'm at the stage where everything requires ironing!  bleh!  And who wants to do that when there is scrapping to be done!  LOL!

Every now and then we get the sun peeking through the storm darkened clouds and the kids race outdoors to stretch their legs.  Of course it doesn't help when they return indoors, covered head to toe in mud and leaving their dirty clothes on the laundry floor for me to work out the best method of washing and drying them all over again.  sigh...  And I tell you what.  My kids must think I absolutely love doing the laundry because the amount of clothes that have piled up over the past week has been phenomenal!

Anyway... here's hoping the sun will shine a little more today, tomorrow and maybe the next.  Thanks for visiting..x


WendyMac said...

Gorgeous pic of Cameron Leanne. LOOK at that green grass - ours is dead due to no rain for weeks and the new pup digging up what is left!! LOL. Love seeing all your pics for your 52 week photos and all your gorgeous inspiring LO's. x

Lizzy Hill said...

You should move to Tassy.....just joking:):):) What ironing? His T looks like it should to me:):):)

Jules said...

HA!! I know!! The only thing you can count on when it is grey and overcast, is that it WILL be pouring at 3pm! Ironing?? What the? ;) xx

Esti said...

I just love the photo - as always stunning! And I wanted to congratulate you on being a SCRAPBOOKING MASTER!! Your woek is always inspiring and it's lovely to know you get acknowledged for it! I immediately paged to yout section and was impressed - congrats and enjoy basking in the glory.

Esti said...

Wow, gorgeous photo! CONGRATULATIONS on being a scrpabook master!! Your work is alwys inspiring and it is lovely to be acknowledged for it! Enjoy basking in the glory!