Friday, May 27, 2011


I've really been enjoying the latest collections from Kaisercraft! Party Animal will surely be one of my faves for a while to come! LOL! Who wouldn't love playing with such a "playful" range!! hee hee!

Today, over at the Kaiser blog, I am sharing this mini album that I created for Cam to play with in the car.

{Animal Round Up}

And he loves it too!! Hopefully he won't destroy as quickly as he came to love it because we have quite an exciting road trip planned for us, in four weeks time!! woo hoo! I can't wait to tell you guys more about it.

I have also shared this card for his up coming birthday!!!!


This has a fun 3D effect!! (Have I knocked your socks off with this experimental card??!! HAHAHA!! - See.... I am branching out slowly into the card making world!!) Now... Does anyone have any idea how I put it into an envelope???!

Blogger is also finally letting me add to my blog in an organized manner! LOL!! And hopefully... Since it is playing nice, I can now start leaving comments on other blogs too!

There's lots to catch up on, so I'll gather my thoughts and be back soon. Have a fabulous Friday...x


Alanna said...

That card is fab Leanne! Just saw it over on the kaiser blog - fanbloodytastic! How on earth did you do it??? You need to make another one so you can do a tute ;)

Nope... no idea how you're going to put that in an envelope though...

Kim said...

oooooo what a totally cool idea with that car book, Ilove it, and I agree the card is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules said...

omgoodness leanne!! just extraordinary! fabulous ideas and designs as always and a big road trip sounds like fun (i secretly love big road trips.. shhh - don't tell hubby, he'll have us doing one every fortnight!! ... xx

Sheree said...

What an awesome card Leanne! SO clever!! Love that super cute mini too! Looking forward to hearing all about your road trip!

Sheree xx

Kerryn said...

mmm a road trip, sounds interesting!

Fabulous projects! and good luck with getting that card into an envelope, although I don't like your chances ;).