Wednesday, March 7, 2012

52 photos...week 10

{Enchanted to Meet You}
noteBefore we start... LOL!!  PLEASE ignore that scary looking man in the background of the above photo!  HAHAHAHA!!

Last night Tahlia received her Christmas present from her Uncle Ian and boy was she spoilt!!  My  little girl got to go to her very first concert.... Taylor Swift: Speak Now world tour.  She had been counting down for weeks and was nearly bursting at the seams yesterday morning before going to school.  That was when the countdown became serious and we moved from days to hours and minutes.  :)

Mark had also bought me a ticket as a Christmas present and together, Tahlia and I were really looking forward to the coming evening.  As soon as she got home from school yesterday afternoon, Tahlia started getting ready.  At this point she had a three hour wait before we even left home to go to the Entertainment Centre, and another 1.5 hours before the warm up act started.  LOL!  Tahlia really didn't want to be late!  Once she was dressed and ready to go, she sat (somewhat impatiently) at the front window, waiting for her Uncle Ian to come and get us. 

Can I just say that at this point or at any other point during the course of the evening, the boys weren't phased or jealous in the slightest, that Mummy and Tahlia were going out to a concert!  Thank goodness for that!  LOL!  The x-box and pizza treat was enough to keep them happy!

The sold-out concert was amazing!  The crowd was loud and excited and caught up in Taylor fever!  The entertainment value was seriously worth every penny spent and our seats.... what can I say... nothing but uninterrupted views of the stage.

Taylor Swift definitely knows how to produce a show.  Not a concert, because it was way more than that.  The on-stage dancers were fabulous and Taylor's (many, many) costume changes were hardly noticed.  The stage itself was a magical fairytale of bridges, balconies and secret alcoves.  And for this to be Tahlia's first musical entertainment experience.... well... the barre has been set very high.  :D 

BUT.. The highlight has to have been the moment Taylor Swift walked directly in front of us and high-fived my little girl!  I think Tahlia screamed the loudest then and there, more than throughout the whole evening put together!!!   She went to school this morning, positively giddy with excitement, rushing through the school gates to tell all of her friends... "I touched Taylor Swift!!!  She Hi-fived me!"  LOL!!  I don't think Tahlia could ever have imagined such an evening.  Or had such a sore throat the following day.

Yes.  Tahlia was definitely enchanted to meet Taylor.  I'm so glad we got to do this together and thanks to Ian who was the motivator behind the scenes (well and truly before Christmas) and a big part of the evening as well..x


Kim said...

OH wow how excited for Tahlia.....a dream come true for any pre teen I am sure, these photos rock Leanne, do I see a layout coming on!

Kerryn said...

What a special memory for her first concert, is she still smiling? :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Sounds like a night she'll never forget...has she washed her hand yet???!!!!!!!

Denise said...

How wonderful for YOU! My daughter and I have become so close the last couple of years - we so love going to shows and shopping (of course) we've only really had these times with just the two of us when it became just the two of us - don't ever lose that special relationship with your daughter, always make time for just the two of you. (Hope that doesn't sound too soppy)

Anonymous said...

Tahlia and le, You guys must have had an amazing night. Tahlia looks so beautiful. Love your shirt, just perfect for the night. Glad it was a great concert.