Friday, March 23, 2012

52 photos...week12

It's been a busy week at school.  Yesterday was a very special occassion and Miss Tahlia was our focus..x

{in the spotlight}

I'm so proud of my little girl.  Not just today but everyday.  She is growing into a strong and beautiful soul.  She works hard to do her best.  In. everything.  And yesterday she was recognised by her peers and school teachers and appointed to her school's student council.  She was excited.  "Over the moon", would have been an understatement.  LOL!

Her badge was presented to her by a "baby" Bronco (NRL football player) who also attended a school in the local area.  She was so nervous but still strode up on stage with determination! LOL!

But of course, what better way to ease the nerves than a chat with the school Principal and some special cupcakes with a few sprinkles!! Congratulations Tahlia.  We are so very proud of you...x


Lizzy Hill said...

Yay Tahlia! It's GREAT when your kids do the best they can...then get rewarded:):) What a lovely smile she has, too - it would make taking photos a pleasure:):)

Gail L said...

Well done Tahlia! It's no wonder you're so proud Leanne! x

Jules said...

what a fantastic achievement leanne... you must be way proud! :) x