Friday, March 16, 2012

52 photos...week 11

{off the grid}

Yes.  I have fallen off the grid.  I have no motivation and have not much love for what I create at the moment.  I feel like I've had a blackout, much like the actual ones we had earlier in the week... I've also been busy working away on Master's projects and DT assignments.  Hence the lack of blog posts.... But I have used this time away from the craft room (& computer) to reorganize my space..again! AND I have big plans this weekend for a huge non-"Spring" clean!  hahaha!  So all those unwanted and underfoot kids toys better find a home soon because I am on a mission! LOL!

Hope your weekend is looking good...x


Jasmine S said...

Oh your mission sounds just like the ones I have....and don't you feel good afterwards.

Jules said...

Oh no! Well you'll just have to climb your way back onto that grid my friend!! :)) I know what you mean tho about working hard on projects and feeling like you have nothing to show for it! I'm frantically finishing off video tutes atm ;) Sometimes it helps to have a little mini break away from it to refresh a bit.... although I'd probably pick a day spa over spring cleaning! lol xx

Lizzy Hill said...

It comes, it goes, but I'm absolutely certain it will be back before you get that spring cleaning done and dusted:):)

Kim said...

OH man thats no good hope it comes back soon!

Kerryn said...

I think it's a natural cycle we all go through. Shift our focus for a while and the mojo will sneak back in when it's good and ready.