Thursday, March 29, 2012

52 photos...week 13 (Easter Craft activity...)

Yesterday I took the kids outside after school and we experimented with some colour.  They had no idea what I was about to create with them but they watched, intrigued, as I carefully measured amounts of vinegar and food colouring into plastic cups.  :) hee hee...

I had decided it was about time we hand dyed some hard boiled eggs.  An experiment as such, because this was our first attempt.  Ever.  It couldn't be too hard, right?!!  Messy maybe.... LOL!  But that's why we went outside!

We had fun watching how quickly the eggs changed colour... and we started with brown eggs.  Not white...  whoops!  :D

But then again... waiting for the eggs to dry was a bit too much for some of us... especially since we'd already had a big day at school!!

The recipe for this experiment was so easy to follow (and I'm sure many of you have already done this or are preparing to do this during Easter).  This is what we did.

Before the kids caught the bus to go to school in the morning, I hard boiled six eggs.  This way they knew something was happening in the afternoon when they got home from school.   Something for them to look forward to - since they have no homework this week!  hee hee... Plus after seven or eight hours in the fridge, the eggs were certainly cool enough for them to touch!!

Using an old muffin tin/tray, I placed six plastic cups upright in the tray to prevent them from being knocked over (accidentally in their excitement.... I was prepared for this possibility!!  LOL!  And nobody wants to clean up dyes from the kitchen floor - well... I didn't!).

Next I placed a teaspoon of white vinegar in each of the plastic cups.  And then added food colouring to create various colours.  We had orange, aqua, lime green, red, purple and yellow.  Although the end results with the colours may need to be adjusted with our future attempts.

After the tray was carried outside we filled the cups up with room temperature water, not all the way to the top but about 3/4 full.  The kids then chose an egg each and decided on a colour.  With plastic spoons they carefully placed their egg into the dye.

After the kids were happy with the colour of their egg, we placed them back in the egg carton to dry off.  Easy peasy... :)  So what do you think?  What are some quick and easy crafts you do at Easter?  I would love to do more of these crafts with my kids in the future and our school no longer seems to participate with an Easter Bonnet parade.  :(  If you have any ideas please share.  Thanks so much for visiting...x


Lizzy Hill said...

Hi Leanne...we're driving nth to QLD to spend Easter with my DH's 3 grandkids & I got a recipe to make with them...basically melted anzac biccies [into those baking trays that are rounded at the bottom...if they haven't got those I'll improvise...]with a melted choccy filling - not actually sure what ing's off the top of my head, but I'll find out if you want...then a little easter egg on top. Sounded fun. And sweet. Lots of energy in them!!!! These eggs look great:)

Lizzy Hill said...

Just been over to Tarrah's blog. You might like her interesting Easter project Here's the link:

Dolly B said...

What a great project to do with your Children. Hope your going to scrap it :)

Kim said...

Thanks ..looks like I know what I will be doing next week with the kids on hloidays!
love em!

Kate said...

"What are some quick and easy crafts you do at Easter?"

Easter isn't really a big thing for us, but I do remember one crafy thing we did when I was little. We took little pieces of muslin, put a few Mini Eggs in the middle and then tied them up with pieces of ribbon. Very simple, but the people we gave them too really liked them.

We only did it that one year though. Perhaps because persuading me to part with my Mini Eggs was something of a challenge then and downright impossible now. :) I can take or leave most other Easter chocolate, Easter eggs included, so I trade with my Mum for Mini Eggs. :)

Courtney coles:) said...

Yummy Eggs <3