Saturday, May 24, 2008

Golf practice...

Tomorrow Mark is off to play in his work's Corporate Golf Day. Team building exercise I suppose, but in reality I suspect it's an "any excuse will do" type of thing!!! I'm sure he'll have a good time but come back with a myriad of aches, pains and excuses for why the ball went one way, when it surely should have went the other! No matter. So today we went to a local driving range so he can get the bugs out of his system (and of course his golf bag!).

We took the kids along just to get them out of the house and from under our feet. The lady behind the counter asked if the kids wanted to have a little hit as well. They had several putters and clubs that had been cut down to size. Some of the other patrons were hitting the ball quite haphazardly, so frankly I wasn't sure where the safest place to be was. (Probably directly in front of them, but still not the best place...)

In the end I set them free on the putting green.

Liam didn't quite get the idea about using a putter. He wanted to use the heaviest club he could find, an insisted on dribbling it towards the hole. I guess he's really getting into hockey!


Anonymous said...

Love the shots of the golfers. I can't believe how Ethan looks so identical to Liam. Great photo of Mark and also Tahlia - Can't see you lee in any pics.
Love mum

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! It's good to see a photo of Mark, as well as the children, but I agree with your mum, Leanne...

Where are the photos of you...?!!

Love Lorraine. xx