Friday, May 9, 2008

Hockey practise...

This week we finally got around to going to hockey...and I am really glad we did. Mark came home early enough to pick the kids up from school, then go with us all to watch Liam try out the sport that is HOCKEY. Liam was naturally quite nervous and didn't want to join in at first, even though two of his Prep class mates were in the team. So...guess what Mum had to do! Yes that's right, go out to the field, with hockey stick in hand and pretend to know what I was doing!!! One of the other parents who was there watching his daughters, asked me how long I had been playing. I told him that he had just seen my entire hockey career!!! He on the other hand, plays at representative level and been involved in the game since 1985! Ha! I guess he wins!!! :D

Anyway, here are some photos of LIAM *the name stressed slightly* having a great time!

After all, he only needed a little bit of encouragement to get started...(I'll let you know if I have to repeat the process next week!)

And then of course, some of us just waited until the practise was done.


Anonymous said...

Wow Liam you look so professional, one day you could be playing for australia Love Nanny

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you too Ethan. You sure are a beautiful boy
Love Nanny