Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jac(K), short for Jacaranda, maybe...

Meet our dog Jac(k). He has been with us since November 2006. Hence the confusion about his name...Huh? Well, since we bought him home to live with us in November, we decided to name him after all the beautiful jacaranda trees that flower at this time of year.

"Yeah!" shouted all the kids. But then Tahlia asks, "Mummy, is Jac a boy or a girl dog?" And of course he is indeed a boy dog.
"Well, Mummy," said Liam, "That name is too girly!"
Okay, we'll try again.
"What about Jack?" said Tahlia.
"Sorry?" I asked very confused. I mean didn't we just rule that name out?
"You know," she said, "After Captain Jack Sparrow!"
And so our dog is named after a pirate. And I must add, quite aptly named.

Sure he was very cute as a puppy...but we are still waiting for his puppy habits to disappear!

Some days after he has a good time totally destroying something in the back yard, I just want to leave the gate open and shout, "Be free Jack! Be free!" At least he loves the kids very much, and they adore him too.

So he is a member of our family, for better or worse!

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Anonymous said...

Jack will be a good companion for the kids. he might be a bit rough now but he will get better
Love Mum