Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums reading this blog. I know I'm a day late but I had such a good time yesterday with my kids, hubby and extended family, that I was savouring every last moment!

I had a wonderful breakfast in bed at the third wake up call! My first mum's day greeting came at 4am!!! Ethan had decided he wanted to go to the toilet. (Just quietly, that's a great sign of progress with the toilet training :D ). He had taken off his pj bottoms, his undies and then his nappy as he travelled down the hallway to visit me. I'm not sure if he made a pit stop to the toilet first. He woke me up wanting a cuddle and then promptly told me his bottom was cold! I was a bit confused until I picked him up! Anyway, I should have elbowed Mark, it was Mother's Day after all, but left him in bed to sort Ethan out and put him back in bed.
The second wake up call was at 6am. Apparently Mark had told the kids it was okay for them to wake me at this time! How often do I legitimately get to stay in bed without feeling guilty! NOT THAT OFTEN!!! So I asked them very sweetly if they would mind letting Mummy have an extra half an hour in bed. After conferring among themselves it was decided that my request would be granted! Thanks guys!

So third time lucky and I probably wasn't going to get any more chances to rest! The kids brought me a swagful of hand made gifts that they had secretly done at school! Got to love that! One notable gift was one from Liam. It read :


My Mummy is 200 years old.
She weighs 0kg and is 123cm tall.
Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue.
My Mum loves to relax by lay (sic) down and she likes to wear skirts.

She loves to cook scrambled eggs and toast.
Her favourite household chore is laundry.
Her favourite TV show is "Biggest Loser" and her favourite song is - she doesn't like any songs, she has a headache.

Mummy always tells me - she never says anything to me except, "Liam, it's breakfast time".
It makes her happy when I help her.
When my Mum shops she loves to buy groceries.
If she could go on a trip, she would go to a hotel and take us kids.

I really love it when my Mum helps me.
The best thing about my Mum is that I love her.
She's the best! I love you Mum!


What can I say... No still I have nothing... I can only laugh at his ridiculous sense of humour!!!

After a yummy breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup we started to get ready for our lunchtime picnic in the park! There we played on the swings, climbed the play equipment and even climbed a few trees!

It was nice just having quality time with the kids and watching their antics. Liam got stuck in a yellow bucket type, spinning playground toy, Ethan was happy to just wander around aimlessly and Tahlia left her new shoes all over the place and had to keep running back to where she last saw them *sigh*.

Mum, Great-Grandma and Auntie Fara were all wished Happy Mother's Day and we sat down to our picnic.

We came home around mid afternoon and Mark prepared a lovely roast dinner. And the best part about that was, I didn't have to do the dishes!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, I have just read the blog - talk about "out of the mouths of babes" Liam, never lose your sense of humor - I love it.
if mummy is 200 years old what does that make me! Beautiful photo of Tahlia - you are growing into a beautiful young lady and Ethan what can I say. We can't wait to see you next month.
Love always Nanny