Monday, May 5, 2008

Sleepless nights and wild parties...

This weekend we celebrated Tahlia's 8th birthday. (Wow! This happened way too quickly!) And it started (as usual) sometime before the actual event-Saturday.

On Friday afternoon after school we sat making party favour bags and bracelets for her friends. Just to be specific, the bracelets had to have her friends names on them. Cute but fiddly and sore on the finger tips!

On her birthday she woke to find her new bike! (Mark had only opened the box and assembled it the night before - always last minute.) After opening gifts and eating a requested breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs, we headed off to the shops to retrieve her lay-by that had been put aside by Nanny and Grandad Jim.

Lunch was at McDonald's and then home for an afternoon movie before going to the park to play with her brothers and cousins.

Great Grandma even got in on some action! Hehehe...

Later that night she had a special dinner prepared for her and shared her yummy birthday cake!

On Sunday, she hosted a SLUMBER party instead of the usual 2-3 hour chaos of a normal birthday party. Yes, she had more cake...but it had to be in miniature form.


"Yes Tahlia."

"Can I have an English Tea Party? You know, the kind where all the food is small and cute."
"*Yikes!* Sure Honey, we will give it a go."

She had invited six friends from school and they ALL excepted! So after loads of sugar (big mistake!), pizza for dinner and mini pavlovas for dessert we settled down to watch High School Musical 2. The movie finished just in time for us to then go outside and watch the fireworks that were just down the road! I'm sure they all had heaps of fun when they weren't sleeping...and they didn't do much of that!

Anyway, she still has more to come. On Wednesday next week, her Uncle Ian is taking her out to dinner as a special treat...I'm not sure he thinks she has had enough already! The girl sure has been spoilt.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Tahlia had such a fantastic 8th birthday! (Is it really 2 whole years since I was there for her 6th birthday?!) Her prezzie is on its way - late as usual - sorry! Love Lorraine. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th Birthday Tahlia, Looks like you had a great party with your family and friends. Love Aunty Roxanne.