Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here we go...

Day 1... (sunday)

the photo/photos:

the story:

Now I know these photos are not what my Dad is waiting to see! hehehe... Although he loves his grandkids very much, right now I'm pretty sure he is more interested in seeing how the brand new veggie garden (the one that he slaved over, building it for me) is holding out... I guess he will have to wait a little bit longer...well at least until I get out there....whoops! Does that mean I haven't watered it once in the last three weeks?... We will have to see...
Now back to the story:
Ethan (man! he looks soooo grown up here!!!) was invited to his very first birthday party! You know the ones... The birthday party that isn't a family one or because he is a younger sibling and really can't be left out kind of party!
He has been super excited (at three years old) running around the house asking EVERY day if it was time to go to Connor's birthday party. And how do I know that this is a major event for him? Well, other than his use of "pester power" *insert grin*, he has been enthusiastic and very sweetly announcing that "Connor is my bestest friend, Mum!"
Well, I can't argue with that....and now my little boy has attended his first "invitation only" birthday bash!


Sheree said...

That's so cute Leanne. He must've had a ball!!! I'm sure it's the first of many party invites to come! :)

Sheree xx

Melanie H said...

What a little cutie, those photos are so sweet.

Hope he had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Ethan looks so much like Liam since he had his hair cut. He is growing up so fast too. Fancy him going to a birthday party.
Love Mum