Sunday, August 16, 2009


Day 7: (saturday)

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Okay...I know I am a day late, but... We've had a huge weekend! And I am absolutely beat right now!

Yesterday (Saturday) was Mark's birthday! We spent a lovely morning relaxing at home, playing the new Wii games, before going for a drive to the beach. On the way home, we decided to drop by Hog's Breath Cafe for a little treat... These guys had the munchies! And the craving needed to be filled... But look at the size of that "humble" ice-cream sundae! Let's just say, four spoons with one dessert, was a good idea!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great birthday Mark. The icecream sundae looks great. Looks like the kids enjoyed the sundae too
Love mum

Lorraine said...

Ha ha! I'm glad that Mark had a good birthday - and that you all enjoyed it too. I keep meaning to e-mail you, and I will manage it one day soon... xx

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love the look on your little fellas face as he's watching your hubby...very cute!

Melanie H said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mark.
Sounds like a great day.

That sundae is huge, reminds me to never order it at Hog's Breath. lol

Nic said...

I am SO hungry right now... that ice cream looks to die for... better go find me something unhealthy!